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Each apartment community maintains a property website which can be found here. Real time availability is advertised here, however, we encourage you to contact the on-site leasing team of the location you love so we can help find you the best fit.
Check out our careers tab for more information about the employment culture at Picerne as well as a real-time list of opportunities nationwide.
We lease in the spirit of fair housing and abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws. Each community maintains a Resident Selection Plan which is made available for anyone to review. Criteria for leasing may vary by location and housing programs, however, criteria are generally based on income, credit worthiness, past residence history and criminal background.
This website highlights information about Picerne at the corporate level. To reach a specific community, click here.
We pride ourselves on the ongoing training and professionalism of our team members. We strive to complete routine maintenance request within 24 hours. We promise prompt communication and areas of conflict or concern are addressed with fairness and transparency.
We do offer 3rd party management services for other property owners. Generally, we specialize in larger scale multi-family communities. Please click here to contact us for more information.
Market rate communities, also known as Conventional, compete on the open rental market. Rents are set based on supply and demand as well as size, location, features, and amenities.
Picerne’s affordable properties consist of two types: -Rent restricted locations, also known as Tax Credit (LIHTC), have rents set lower than market rate. There are income limits among other criteria required for admission. Picerne operates rent restricted properties in: FL, TX, WV, PR. -Subsidized properties, also known as Section 8, is a program where the resident household pays a portion of the rent based on their income and other factors. The Department of Housing and Urban Development then subsidizes the remaining rent. Picerne operates subsidized locations in RI and CT. (Typically, waiting lists do apply for this housing type.)