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Our Services - Construction

Picerne provides a full range of construction project management services for multifamily and single-family residential development. Construction is regionalized at Picerne to provide an advantage in value engineering, scheduling and cost control. Based on a thorough knowledge of local building costs and practices, we are able to accurately budget projects in multiple markets.

a man driving a bulldozer at a construction site

Long Term Value

Picerne’s approach to construction echoes our overall philosophy of building high-quality properties that will endure through the decades. In keeping with our approach of retaining long-term ownership of many of the properties we build, we rely on efficient construction methods and proven materials to create a lasting property with minimal maintenance costs. Our extensive experience in building both small and large projects includes everything from high-density apartment buildings with structured parking to low-density townhouse communities and single-family home subdivisions.

Value Engineering, Cost and Budget Control

The high volume of homes built by us each year enables us to negotiate favorable agreements with suppliers and labor sources, while our focus on value engineering, cost control and efficient construction scheduling and processing gives us a significant competitive advantage in each market. Picerne manages both in-house and a large workload as a general contractor for external clients.

Local Market Knowledge and National Expertise

Picerne’s construction teams are led by locally based professionals who know what works well in their individual communities and can readily identify the best suppliers available. In addition, our entire organization benefits from knowledge gained in other parts of the country about advances in construction methods and materials.

Broad-Based Experience

Our breadth of experience gives us the ability to complete each project at the appropriate cost. Constantly focusing on the bottom line, we do everything possible to ensure a good return on investment over the long term.

General Contractor

As a general contractor, Picerne manages every aspect of construction. This gives us total control over quality. We bring the same efficient construction methods and philosophy to our large volume of work acting as general contractor for outside owners.

a group of people posing for a photo in front of a construction site with machinery